Things A Brand Must Know About Custom Packaging!     

Every product is unique. The packaging needs for a pen would be different than that of a delicate artifact or a pizza. Custom packaging is all about designing a box that works for the product, in terms of size, dimensions and protection needs. Contrary to what many brands think, custom packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. It is often affordable and can actually help in saving money. If you are thinking of a switch, here are some basic aspects worth knowing.

Evaluate your product and audience

Long before you order custom packaging for any product, it is necessary to understand the product needs. For example, how big or small is the product? What’s your expected shipping method and route? Does the product count as fragile or breakable? If yes, what can you possibly do to ensure its safety during transit? Your product should offer an idea on the custom box should look alike.


Brands also need to recognize what the audience wants. Many customers do prefer simplistic packaging for certain products, while for selected items, it might be necessary to create an unboxing experience. It is also important to evaluate the steps involved in opening the box – you don’t want to complicate it for the customer.

Select a vendor you can rely on

Believe it or not, selecting a reliable custom packaging manufacturer has many benefits. Many vendors take as small as order for just 100 boxes, and as required, they can handle a big order too. Also, many of them have an in-house team of experts for designing boxes, so you don’t have to pay on that additionally. It comes as an advantage that you can rely on them for quick orders.

To select a company, find more on their expertise and range of custom packaging they manage for their clients. It is also wise to evaluate overall requirements for the long run, so that they can take orders in bulk as your company grows.


Ensure that packaging represents your brand

It is important for custom packaging to represent your brand in the right way. Buyers should be aware that a certain box stands as a symbol for your company. The placement of the logo, use of colors, overall effect and elements related to printing should come together. The box should also talk of the product, but we recommend that you don’t go overboard with the design.

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