Shopping For The Right Senior Living Facility

Finding the right place for your loved senior is a big responsibility.  It takes a little extra dedication to really uncover the best fit for your purposes. Taking the time to learn a little more about how senior living facilities are categorized could make the process more productive.  

Knowing what you need is the prime qualification for a productive search.  Take a few moments to look through a quick overview of what you’ll need to consider when shopping around for the right senior living facility, and start working on future plans today. 

Know what your senior needs

Understanding what your senior needs to be safe and comfortable moving forward in life is the foundational knowledge needed to find the right senior living facility for your loved one.  Look into the various types of care given.  

Your loved one might just need a senior community that offers minimal assistance.  You may also be seeking an assisted living facility with memory care.  Dementia is a very real challenge, and your loved one will need specialized care to provide a safe and comfortable lifestyle.  

Know what is in the budget

You can’t choose the perfect place without first knowing just how much you have to spend.  The budget is important.  You don’t know how long your senior loved one will be living in the place you choose, so you have to budget for an indefinite amount of time.  

You need to choose a place that the family can continue to fund for many years into the future.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of the full cost of living in each prospective facility before making your final choice.  

Schedule a few visits 

Narrow down your prospective properties, and take some time to more thoroughly vet the place by setting up a walkthrough interview.  Both parties have to agree to the residency, so know that the facility will be asking you a few questions too.  

Have a list of what you would like to know about a spot before you take the grand tour, so you don’t forget to ask something that is important to your final decision.  

Know the specifics 

Don’t let the fine print get you.  Take the time during your research to really get to know the specifics of the contract you are considering.  Know if the place provides their own nurses and doctors.  If they do, do you have to use their medical professionals? 

Can your loved one continue seeing their own medical provider while living in the facility?  Understand all of the ins and outs of the situation before you make your final decision.  

Check their credentials

Don’t be afraid to check a facility’s credentials before signing anything.  Check state licensures.  Check for any citations or fines that have been imposed.  Do your own little background check on the place that will be entrusted with the life and wellness of your loved one.  

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