Best Gifts for Poker Fans

When it comes to special occasions, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, and graduations, it always helps to give your loved ones something close to their interests. Give your presents a lot of thought, and the recipient will be all the more likely to appreciate them.

Fortunately, if the person you’re giving a gift to is interested in poker, you’ve got a lot of options when it comes to thoughtful presents! From ergonomic chairs that can help keep them comfortable while gaming online, to poker coaching sessions that will boost their ability, there are many things you can buy to make a poker enthusiast smile. Below, we’ve listed a few of the best options to consider. 

Custom Card Set

Look for a custom card maker who can print your designs of choice onto a deck of playing cards. The design can be anything you want, but it’s best if it reflects one of the intended recipient’s interests. For example, if the person you’re gifting to enjoys traveling, you can print landscapes onto the card faces. Whatever the specific subject though, by giving them a card set designed with their interests in mind, you can show how well you know them and how much you thought about your gift.

Ergonomic Chair

Does your gift recipient play poker online? Then they may benefit from an ergonomic chair! Poker fans who play online poker games for hours at a time may end up straining their backs or necks if they’re seated the wrong way. Bad posture while sitting puts pressure on the spinal disks, thus causing lower back pain. And it happens quite commonly.

The gift of an ergonomic chair will help reduce the risk of back pain while the recipient is playing online poker. Not to mention, these chairs are often so comfortable that they make it more enjoyable to game (as opposed to simply reducing the risk of discomfort).


If you want to succeed at poker, you can’t let your opponents get a read on you. Accordingly, sunglasses are popular fashion accessories among live players, because they help to hide expressions. Therefore, you can help a poker player improve their “poker face” by giving them a pair of dark, stylish sunglasses. Some classic brands that work well for this purpose include Ray-Ban, Oakley, Tom Ford, and Prada.

When shopping for sunglasses, make sure the frames don’t overwhelm the face area; people with smaller faces will benefit from smaller lenses. It can also help to select sunglasses with UV protection — this way, the wearer stays protected from the sun and scrutiny! 

Poker Books

You can’t go wrong with a good poker book. Even if the gamer you’re shopping for is likely already familiar with poker terms and strategies (such as check-raises, donk bets, and semi-bluffs), they might want to take their game to the next level. Help them discover new tactics beyond the basic poker strategies that suffice for low-stakes games by giving them books by experts on the topic.

By reading poker books, poker players can teach themselves more advanced poker strategies. They can learn how to identify and exploit opponent weaknesses by reading Ed Miller’s “Playing the Player,” for instance, or study Alton Hardin’s “Essential Poker Math” to learn how to apply mathematics and statistics concepts in their poker games. Whatever specific book you choose, it can make a big difference for the player.

Poker Coaching

Some people learn better with a personal guide. Many websites online offer one-on-one poker coaching for players of any skill level. By enrolling the person you’re gifting to in a live poker coaching program, you can give them the opportunity to refine their strategies with help from real pros. These poker experts apply their extensive gaming experience to provide useful remarks and recommendations.

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up the spirit of generosity. And that spirit is always enhanced when you give real thought to what a person is interested in, or what he or she could make use of. If you know a poker enthusiast (like so many of us do), these gifts that support the hobby are ideal.

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