7 Tips for Wearing Gold Pendant for Women

Women have been wearing gold for years, especially gold necklaces. Gold not just puts extra oomph to the personality but also gives a status symbol. From heavy necklaces, women switched to the lighter and compact versions of neckpieces, and now finally, pendant is the new star amongst the gold jewellery bunch.

Gold pendants are preferred by many women from all over the world, not just for its sleek style but also for the lightweight and comfort it offers. Not to forget the ease and large canvas of customization that comes under the many benefits of choosing pendants as your day-to-day jewellery. Whilst looking elegant, the gold pendants also allow you to choose the design based on your purpose of buying. Be it culture, faith, self-pampering, luxury symbol, style, or investment, there is a design of gold pendant for each purpose.

Here are seven tips that will help you to wear your gold pendant rightly.

  1. Choose the right type of gold – Gold is the most important aspect of a gold pendant. The type of gold you choose decides how the neckpiece will look. Usually, people know which type of gold looks good on them. Asians generally prefer yellow gold, while white gold is preferred by a selective number of people. Rose gold, on the other hand, is becoming new in-vogue metal for the younger lot.
  2. Choose the right chain – There is a lot of discussion around the type of chain to be used. No matter how alluring your gold pendant looks, the overall look of the neckpiece depends on both the pendant and chain in which it is set. For a delicate gold pendant for women, go only for a thin chain but if you have a bulky pendant, then choose a chunky chain.
  3. Do not stack multiple necklaces – It is quite possible that you have a penchant for neckpieces, and you might want to showcase as much as you can with each look. But remember, when it comes to gold pendant for women, it is best to keep it clean and sleek. Means avoid creating chaos with multiple neckpieces.
  4. Add gemstones thoughtfully – In case you are thinking to add a gemstone to the gold pendant necklace, be careful that you do not overdo it. Choose the gemstone, its colour, and size mindfully so that it doesn’t overpower the gold pendant.
  5. Mix metals – Earlier gold pendants for women were set only in gold chains. But today, that trend has changed, and gold pendants come with silver and even mix metals. If you have a love for experimental fashion, then you can go quirky with mix metal chain.
  6. Co-ordinate other accessories rightly – Choose your other accessories that are to be added to the ensemble in sync with the gold pendant. Like your watch, bracelet, rings, and even earrings. This will help you to keep the look intact.
  7. Match outfits – If you want to make a style statement or you like to keep everything clean and crisp when it comes to fashion, then match your outfit with the pendant. This will help you to create a complete look that doesn’t look like hasty decisions.

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